Shining bright like moonlight at midnight, the final design in our Forgotten Dreams collection is not only strikingly beautiful but it's also super convenient to use. Drawing inspiration from La Luna, our Moonlight design is an instant hijab that will provide a quick makeover for any woman fancying a boost to their get-up. Slip it on and you're set!
Swarovski Xillion Rose Coloured Crystals, Xillion AB Crystals and Xillion Rose AB Crystals featured all over the heavy chiffon fabric imitate constellations in outer space, making it a marvelous hijab to wear for a fancy evening event.
The black rim around the crystals provide a salient contrast between a shiny surface and an opaque rear. It evokes structure and an oasis of calmness in a composition of controlled chaos.
Moonlight is an incredible design that works in any occasion, its easy application and bewitching detailing are a couple of the reasons why it is the hijab of choice for busy ladies looking for a quick solution for their wardrobe worries.
Collection : Moonlight
Type : Instant
Material : Heavy Chiffon
Detailing : Swarovski Xillion Rose Coloured Crystals, Swarovski Xiilion AB Crystals and Swarovski Xillion Rose AB Crystals
RM83 (SS)
SGD / BND $40