The semi-instant hijab is named Latiffa which means gentle, kind and peaceful in Arabic. Ramadan is a month dedicated to fasting, prayers and self-reflection so we wanted a design that would elicit a sense of peace, Latiffa's flowy style fit the bill perfectly.
 Xillion Rose crystals are used as embellishments in Latiffa. The crystals feature the latest innovation from Swarovski. The unique cut of the crystals reflect light intensely, allowing them to shine brighter than ever.

 Along with a cluster of clear crystals, we are also using crystals in different shades to match the colour of each hijab. Latiffa will be available in 59 colors and each hijab will feature crystals in the same color as the fabric used. This adds an elegant and sophisticated touch to the exclusive design.

Collection :  Latiffa
Official Hashtag : #latiffabyNH #NHRamadhan
Type : Semi-Instant Hijab
Colors : 59 colors
Material : Heavy Chiffon with Swarovski Xillion Rose

Retail Price :
Semenanjung Malaysia : RM 73
Sabah / Sarawak : RM 75
Singapore & Brunei : SGD / BND 36