Sophistication is absolutely personified with Silky Helena. This will be a perennial fashion favourite that will withstand the test of time. This satin square scarf can be styled two ways because each side of the square has a slight difference in design.

One side features a border with Helena scripted in the middle and a scattering of pale pink petals on the top. The other side has a more subdued feel, devoid of a border and shaded in ombre hues of pinks sand blues.

Silky Helena is a tasteful and charming design that will add polish to any outfit. With the right accessories, you can make it appropriate for any black-tie event or something a little less formal.
There will be two collections for Silky Helena, one plain and one embellished with Swarovski. Silky Helena will come in an exclusive box and will ONLY be available for purchase at the TTDI boutique, Publika boutique and the Naelofar Hijab website.

Collection : Silky Helena - Plain
Type : Square Shawl
Price : RM 73 (SM)
SGD / BND: $36
Measurement : 45”
Material : Satin