The design sentiment for “Sweetheart” is definitely less is more, it is our simplest Raya collection, suitable for fashionistas looking for a practical hijab to pair with their Aidilfitri ensemble. For Sweetheart, we wanted to highlight the easy flow and gorgeous tailoring of the hijab so we’ve kept the embellishments straightforward and fuss-free.
Clear Aurore Boreale and white opals are used, placed along the edge of the hijab to provide a hint of sparkle while still maintaining an austere element to the design. Sweetheart is an instant hijab so it’s also a cinch to wear. Perfect for when you’re hosting a busy Raya open house event or even for travelling during the festive season. Heavy chiffon is the ideal fabric for this minimal collection, an easy material to work with, forming and draping in seconds to make you look fabulous in no time at all.
For an uncomplicated yet fashionable choice, opt for Sweetheart, it’s a design that marries simplicity and versatility, a wardrobe staple that will surely be a fan favourite this Syawal.
Collection : Sweetheart
Type : Instant Hijab
Price : RM 85 (Semenajung Malaysia)
RM 87 (Sabah / Sarawak)
SGD / BND : 43
Material : Heavy Chiffon
Detailing : Aurora Borealis, Rimmed
 Flatback and Rimmed Flatback White
Colors : 48 colors